Event Date:  November 9-10, 2018

Spectator Information – will be posted summer 2018

What is Rally?

Performance Rallying is one of the world’s most challenging and popular motor sports. Unlike any other type of car racing, rally teams must face a “track” which is unknown to them, and which consists of rugged unpaved roads across terrain ranging from deserts to mountains, including sand, gravel, mud, or snow.
At the start of a Performance Rally, the co-driver (navigator) is handed route instructions with exact mileages and simple course following directions.
For a day and a night, or several days, the team’s task is to drive as fast as possible on every “racing” section with only the “transit” sections in between to repair their vehicles or relax a moment. Racing full speed on unknown dirt roads requires courage, teamwork, an incredibly tough vehicle, and a sideways-through-the-corners driving style that is thrilling to watch.
Rally cars, all street licensed and registered, are usually compact sport sedans, with the fastest being turbo-charged for extra power and all wheel drive for traction. At the national level there are five classes; two for production -based cars and trucks, and three for highly modified vehicles.
From local rally-sprints to four-day international events, rallies share the same attraction: Real cars on real roads, but driven at speeds which are difficult to believe!

Safety Issues

Despite the organizers taking all reasonable precautions unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these you are present at your own risk.
■ Stand on the outside of a corner!!
■ Stand below the level of the track
■  Stand in front of arrows or signs
■  Stand in Prohibited Areas
■  Stand or sit on or near log piles, walls or fences
■  Sit close to the edge of the track
■  Block escape routes
■  Be distracted
■  Play games with your safety or that of the drivers
■  Remove Stage signs or arrows
■  Be the one to stop the Stage
■  Expect the unexpected
■  Listen for approaching cars
■  Remain alert
■  Leave yourself room to move quickly
■  Try to keep behind something solid
■  Keep children under supervision
■  Keep dogs on a lead
■  Do as the Marshals ask
■  Help the Marshals to run a safe Stage
■  The unexpected can happen
■  If you ignore Marshals instructions the stage will be stopped
■  Yourself
■  Others around you
■  This Stage
■  Rallying
■  Motor Sport