2nd Annual Tri-State Rally – Nov 3-4, 2017

What is Rallying?

RALLYING: A SPORT LIKE NO OTHER! There are no ovals, pace cars or rain delays.Rally racing features real cars racing against the clock on closed-off sections of real roads that are usually unpaved and unforgiving. Events can last several days and cover hundreds of miles through rain, snow, day or night.

EVENT SCORESFriday   Saturday
Remember, the event has 11 stages so the Saturday numbers should start with 4 and end with 11.  This is due to how rallydata.com handles the events.  For the scores on rallydata, click HERE.


Video of Tri-State Stages

Volunteer Registration is open at RallyData.com

Competitor Registration is open at this LINK. (9-10-17)

Lodging Information Update – Make Reservations NOW.  More Information HERE  posted 9-22-17

UTV Regulations Added HERE 9-29-17

FINAL Supplemental Regulations Posted 10-6-17
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Spectator Information (posted 10-24-17)

Final Event Schedule – See General Info – Schedules

Competitor Bulletin #1 – See For Drivers – Documents